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        Loving yourself to health

"Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food."  



Meet Jinjer

Holistic Health Practitioner

Experience positive change and feel your best through functional nutrition and holsitic health counseling.

Food is Medicine!  Just like people have unique medicinal needs, people have unique nutritional needs.  Functional nutrition involves evaluating each person’s history, signs and symptoms, diagnoses, habits and more to create a therapeutic plan.  The first step is to identify a baseline, followed by customized recommendations based upon your root- causes so that you can feel your best through a "food is medicine" approach.

The idea is to bridge the gap between you and your physician for sustaining long term health.  The gap in our current medical model doesn't always assess or treat chronic conditions.  That's where I step in to help provide the missing links and help with bio-individual diets and lifestyle modifications. There is not a "one-size-fits-all" approach to every health challenge.











There is a lot you can do once you understand what's going on in your body and I help support this process of exploration.  There are symptoms that the standard treatments alone do not address.  Instead of treating these symptoms, I like to ask, why this is happening and develop a specific plan for you.  It's helpful to have support and I'd like to walk you through this journey together!

Dr. William Rawls says, "the current medical system is designed to manage illness, not restore wellness."  I agree with this so much.  We need a paradigm shift in our thinking and I'm here to help!

I understand everyone has different health experiences and I work with root cause resolution to get people back to feeling their best.  Health shouldn't just be managed.  Treating symptoms with a band-aid approach is not okay.  Looking at the system and not just the symptom is a functional approach to better health.

What I Specialize In

What people are saying about me...

"I have suffered from Chrohn's disease my entire life.  I've always turned to a holistic alternative to medication but until I started working with Jinjer I didn't realize how many aspects of life go into healing.  I started working with Jinjer two years ago and I have not had any episodes since.  I have learned about what goes into my digestive cycle that affects my life and taken control."

             - Ilyse Strongin

“I met with Jinjer for a health issue as I was diagnosed with anemia and restless leg syndrome.  My bloodwork over time with my medical doctor was inconsistent.  Jinjer explained the brain uses a lot of energy and requires a lot of red blood cells.  If your red blood cells are low, this can lead to the brain having difficulty getting the amount of iron & oxygen it needs.  Low iron can affect the signals which can lead to RLS.  Jinjer explained all this and suggested vitamin C to help with absorption and Magnesium for RLS.  Jinjer developed a plan & follow up with my physician to have additional blood work done.  She really "knows her stuff," and her advice is based on scientific research and facts. My iron levels are greatly improving and my RSL is under control.   I highly recommend Jinjer Brody-Grant.


- Stephanie G.


- Debbie Goldstein

When I started working with Jinjer I knew I was pretty healthy, I wanted help with aging and learning to take the best care of my body. 


My medical doctors weren't interested in the whole picture, to include diet, supplements and detoxing.  Jinjer is so knowledgeable and worked with me to fill in the pieces. 


I learned about the subtleties and benefits of foods, many I was already easting, she just made it work better.  Plus, losing 10 pounds was an added bonus.  The path she set me on was very attainable and really works with my lifestyle."

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