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My Story

Holistic Health Practitioner

Hi, I'm Jinjer.  I'm a Functional Nutrition Counselor and Holistic Health Practitioner. I focus on educating my clients on the healing powers of food and nutrition and promote  lifestyle modifications to help people feel their best. With a therapeutic approach, I work to identify triggers and find the imbalances in their body to get to the root cause.


My journey to nutrition and fitness started early on as a child as I witnessed my parents traveling to different wellness resorts and spas.  This led to my mom opening a salad and frozen yogurt shop in the 1970's.  As a by-product, it introduced me to healthier alternatives to food choices.


In high school, I developed a passion for fitness and got certified through ACE to teach aerobics.  I taught different styles of classes at health clubs, gyms and fitness centers for over 10 years and managed a health club.  I always understood the importance of exercise and moving your body.  

It wasn't until later in life, after having my kids, via C-section, I truly understood how food could be healing and act as medicine. It was after this surgery I figured out I had intestinal permeability, Candida and Adrenal Fatigue. However, my doctor, at the time, didn't think anything was wrong and I was left on my own to figure it out.  It was a frustrating and confusing time for me. I knew something had to change and that is when health and wellness truly became my passion.  I understand what it's like to heal from within and I'd like to share that with you.

I look at the whole-system with a "back-it-up" approach getting to the 'root cause' and look deep into the environment (terrain).  I understand there are different elements that impact the whole system and thinking "functionally" helps to discover these imbalances and bring the body back to a functional state.

Let me partner with you on your journey to healing.  My goal is to motivate without overwhelming you in achieving your health goals.  I want you to understand what's going on in your body so that you stick with it and remain healthy long after we stop working together.  Let's go!



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I hold a B.S. degree in business from Arizona State University. I studied nutrition at The Functional Nutrition Lab - Full Body Systems {CFNC} and I hold my Holistic Health Counselor certification through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).  


What I love about a functional approach is the discovery - getting to know the "why" not just the "what." By digging deep behind the signs and symptoms it can help uncover root causes.

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