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"What's Going on in There?"

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

My mentor, Andrea Nakayama, continuously drilled in me to ask, "what's going on in there" when looking at what's causing the disturbances that our clients complain about. All symptoms have their roots in many body systems. Typically, the complaints we hear aren't necessarily the root cause of the problem and it's not always about which remedy will fix the symptom.

She brings up a great point. When people ask, "what's the best diet for someone who is overweight and pre-diabetic," or "what should I eat to lose weight;" we need to find out first what's going on in there and it's different for each person. It's about recognizing what should be going on and what is going on in their body. Knowing and understanding this will help us to suggest specific nutrition and lifestyle modifications to best suit the individual.

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